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Final Thoughts-Social Media

Looking back at my first blog with respect to social media, I feel that my understanding of social media has broadened. Prior to taking this course, I have always thought that the main use of social media is to connect with family members and to a lesser extent as a tool for businesses to expand their reach and broaden their customer base. At present, I believe that social media is another tool for businesses to become more profitable. Along with other strategies, a business should always have a social media strategy to widen its customer base and/or receive feedback from its customers on its services or products. Throughout my different assignments, I have seen many examples of businesses growing their customer base or target a new segment of the society to become familiar with their brand and introduce new products.

To be fair, at the beginning of the course, I never thought that there are reliable tools that can measure the success of a social media strategy. However, I now believe that a business can easily quantify its success, using different social media tools, with respect to the amount of “buzz” it is creating among its potential customers. The reaction/feedback of customers or followers to newly introduced business ideas, services, or products is also another area that can benefit a business.

In addition, I really liked the fact that some social media platforms can be used as “free” testing grounds for new business concept designs or ideas prior to launching new products. For example new car models can be tested for design and look prior to actual manufacturing. Now imagine the millions of dollars an automotive company can save knowing a car design is a winner or a looser. At this level, I am a firm believer that multiple platforms should be considered by businesses when using a social media strategy. In the same time these platforms should connect to each other. In addition, businesses should always engage their followers/customers and make their social media tools attractive with respect to design, color, content, message, and mostly creativity.



Measuring success

Social media platforms are effective and free advertizing tools for businesses. But for the business to insure the success of their social media strategy, it has to invest a lot of time and money. First the business has to develop a social media plan. Within this frame, the business has to establish social media policy. This involves input from multiple departments of the business and hence great effort involving time and money.

As a consequence, the business will be looking for a return on its investment (ROI). To quantify its ROI, the business can use social media measurement tools. Some of these tools are free, while others can be purchased. The main use of these tools is to understand what portion of the population/businesses is influenced by the content, why people/customers are driven to the businesses social media platform, and in general allows the business to analyze its strategy. By analyzing this information, the business can further customize its platform content and message and therefore maximize its ROI. Three social media tools that can help businesses achieve the above are Klout, Twitter Counter, and Google Analytics.

Klout is a social media analytical tool that gives “Klout Score” for subscribers ranging from 1-100 with 100 being the highest score. It measures the extent of influence a member has through analyzing data from social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google. For example, a members Twitter account can be followed for tweets, re-tweets, how important people that tweet you are. Similar data from other social media is also added and also accounts for spams that are following the member. All of this information is used to yield the final score. Accordingly, the higher your score is the more “influential” you are.
So prior to starting the social media plan, a business can measure its “Klout Score” and upon starting the plan can for example take monthly measurements. This allows it to understand if it is going in the right path. This tool has also been used by advertisers to approach individuals/businesses of high “Klout Scores” to use their products in social media because of the connection between the high score and influence. However, this measuring tool is found not 100% reliable as some very influential people were found to have low scores. In addition, bloggers in general have high scores because of their extensive use of social media platforms.

Twitter Counter:
This tool is mainly dedicated to twitter statistics for members. It uses cookies to follow members visiting other sites and twitter tweets and re-tweets. Twitter Counter also provides widgets and buttons for businesses to measure traffic to their twitter platforms. Through the use of this tool, a business can measure the traffic to its social media platform and use this measurement to enhance its social media plan. The advantage of this technique is its simplicity. However, it does not give you a rank which can allow you to compare the businesses social platform to its rivals/competitors.

Google Analytics:
This tool is probably the most widely used to measure web traffic into websites. It is aimed for social media platform marketers. The data can be easily displayed in graphical forms (different charts) and numerically. The data provides information about user engagement with the businesses media content, customized reports can be generated, gives real time reporting. This tool has both a free and a premium version. In my opinion, this is the best tool for a business to use to analyze its social media platform and website success or failure. The business can customize its own reports using its tailored key point indicators. Again, this tool does not give the business a ranking and therefore does not allow it to understand its standings with its competitors. It is also found that when users disable cookies in their traffic, this tool becomes obsolete and fails to give accurate information about traffic and interest in the business platform.

With respect to all the above tools, it is worth mentioning that end user consent may be required depending on the country of use. This makes it difficult for simple users to accept. Accordingly, data may not be accurate. However, these tools are essential for businesses to measure their social media plan success or failure.

Pet Pawsitive

In this week’s assignment, I will be using YouTube video to promote a business. I will be showing how to use this platform that is been viewed by millions of people? It is clear that any business can use this tool for advertisement for free. Therefore a lot of companies small or big are advertising through YouTube’s video and reaching to their customers by promoting their products and services.

I have been asked to create online video to promote this imaginary business which is called Pet Pawsitive. Pet Pawsitive is a business with two locations in the area and mainly focuses on service which provides behavioral and psychological training for pets and their owners such as animal education, obedience, and rehabilitation classes. The company, also, sells organic pet food and supplies for training pets. Pet Pawsitive gives back to the community by organizing events and fundraising. In addition, the company partners with the humane society at the local and national shelters to connect the pets with their new owners.

In making this video, I will be concentrating on four main points. The first part of the video will show and abused neglected dog. The second part will show the company employee techniques to get the dog both physically and mentally healthy. I also will show in this section the foods and supplies we offer. In, the third section, I will show pet education classes that we offer to pet owners. Finally, I will show the activities that Pet Pawsitive share with the community.

The video will start with an abandoned and abused dog coming to the shelter. I will show how the dog does not answer to different commands and also show the dog’s physical and emotional abuse. These are close up pictures of the dog’s body and its lack of any positive social behavior. For example, I will show how the dog is always running away from people. The below photo, shows an example of a neglected and abused dog.


In the second section of the video, I will show scenes of our own Pet Pawsitive employees interacting with the same dog using different techniques and show chronological behavioral improvements of the dog. For example, an employee will be demonstrating an obedience technique to get the dog to answer to simple commands such as sit and come. In this same section of the video, I will also show the different organic and natural foods that we sell and how they help in this transition. This can be shown by feeding it healthy organic foods to speed the process of the dog’s healing. The affect will be shown through close ups of the dogs physical features and weight gain. Our training toys and supplies will be shown throughout this video in every step of the process. The background music for the video will be sad toned in the beginning when I am showing the abused dog and I will end with happy tones in the end as the dog is finally healthy. Below is an example picture showing a company employee interacting with a finally healthy dog.

In the third section of the video, I will show classes we offer to pet owners in the different areas of pet training using the same dog. This will show our employees having a one to one training of a pet owner educating him how to handle and train the dog and how to use our supplies and foods to nourish his pet. And finally the company will connect these pets with their new owners.

The last section of the video will show different events Pet Pawsitive is involved with in the community and its partners (humane society and local, national shelters), such as donations and helping fundraising events organized by the humane society. This will show our employees holding checks with amounts donated to our partners.

In this video, the viewer’s heart will be touched, because it shows the transformation of an abused and neglected dog to a healthy and happy pet. I show through the video how the company cares about pets and their owners by solving their problems and offer them healthy supplies and foods.

Old Navy

Old Navy is a clothing retailer company. It is owned by the GAP, Inc. It was named after a café in Paris, France. Originally it was called the Gap Warehouse. Old Navy opened its first stores in Colma, San Leandro and Pittsburg, California. Now, Old Navy has more than 1,000 stores in the United States and Canada.

Old Navy uses social media platforms to reach their customer. Among the different platforms they use is Facebook. The company understands that this platform is world wide used by more than a billion users and very effective tool to sell its product.

Old navy’s Facebook page is organized chronologically with multiple colors. The page uses the blue navy color which is their theme color. They also involve seasonal color. For example we see that there is a lot of use of yellow color which symbolizes the fall season.

Old Navy uses a lot of advertisements for their products which is mainly a display of different clothing in each new post. The company is targeting the whole family from kids to old people. It engages its customers/readers through seasonal themes and community events. For example, because it is now thanksgiving and Halloween is only weeks away, Old Navy is suggesting ways to carve pumpkins and partnering with Michaels for community events. These initiatives make the company to be perceived as part of the community and therefore gain more customers.

The company also uses posts such as “Do something nice day”, “National good neighbor day”, and “world gratitude day” to show that they are an ethical caring company that likes to share good values with their customers.

When reading its posts, you do not feel that the company tries to push its products. You feel that it only care about the community and raises events. Nevertheless, its posts are full of visuals of their products. For example, in a kid’s safety event, the company shows a photo of firefighters and police with kids wearing old Navy clothes.

For fans following Old Navy’s Facebook page, they can expect information about sales, good deals, and new products offered. They can also have information about the company events and reminded of daily good values.


Sobeys is the second largest Canadian food retailer that sells high end and fresh food products. It is a family own company. Sobeys was founded in 1907 by John W. Sobey and his son Frank H. Sobey. It operates stores in all ten provinces. Sobeys headquarter is locates in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. Lately Sobeys is trying to reach its customers and expand their market and compete with the other big retailers in Canada which are Lablaws and Metro. So Sobeys decided to use social media as a tool for that. Sobeys establish blog (word press), Face book, and Twitter.

Sobeys twitter page is organized and practical. On the left side it shows headings and on the right it has the actual tweets. The green background color gives us a feeling that the company is using natural fresh ingredients and is environmentally friendly. Their tweets are up to date and frequent. The tweets from the company seem professional and compassionate about the issues the customers present.

Sobeys found that twitter is a great tool to advertise their promotions and interact with their customers. It tries to let customer know about deals such as different promotions and also shows that it cares about the community. For example it advertises how it helps food banks in different communities and encourages its customers to do so.

Through its twitter, Sobeys also directs their customer inquiries to different departments within their company and hence solves their problems. I think this is prefect method to satisfy their customers and improve their services. In other tweets they even interact with their own employees and suggest ways to resolve their issues.

In general, Sobeys interacts well with their customers through twitter and uses this tool very efficiently for promoting their product and services. Compared to their competition, I think they are miles ahead.

Social media

Dounia Elalami
Business administration
Social media
Assignment # 2
Date: 14 September, 2012

Social Media

In the past century, human life is greatly and still affected by changing technology and inventions. One of the technologies that are revolutionizing our life is social media.
Social media became the future of communication. It became the way we communicate with each other through internet by sharing photos, audio, video and news either personnel or other. Today, internet is helping us to be closer to each other instantly. It also helps us build networks, which will lead us to good opportunities.
On the other hand, there are disadvantages of relying only on social media in our lives. For example, we can easily lose our personal touch with people by not watching their behavior or the lack of face to face communication. In addition, we may become addicted to some of the social media web-sites like Facebook.
Personally, I use Facebook every day to keep contact with my family and get informed about what is happening with them. This is very convenient for me especially that they live in Morocco and Toronto.
In addition, mass media tools are being used extensively in business dealings and job recruitment such as My space, Facebook, and Linkedin. They are also used for advertising and reaching to customer needs.
In conclusion social media is serving the society in good ways. It is making our lives easier. Personally, I am intending to learn how to use the social media as a tool that will help me to reach my goals.