Final Thoughts-Social Media

Looking back at my first blog with respect to social media, I feel that my understanding of social media has broadened. Prior to taking this course, I have always thought that the main use of social media is to connect with family members and to a lesser extent as a tool for businesses to expand their reach and broaden their customer base. At present, I believe that social media is another tool for businesses to become more profitable. Along with other strategies, a business should always have a social media strategy to widen its customer base and/or receive feedback from its customers on its services or products. Throughout my different assignments, I have seen many examples of businesses growing their customer base or target a new segment of the society to become familiar with their brand and introduce new products.

To be fair, at the beginning of the course, I never thought that there are reliable tools that can measure the success of a social media strategy. However, I now believe that a business can easily quantify its success, using different social media tools, with respect to the amount of “buzz” it is creating among its potential customers. The reaction/feedback of customers or followers to newly introduced business ideas, services, or products is also another area that can benefit a business.

In addition, I really liked the fact that some social media platforms can be used as “free” testing grounds for new business concept designs or ideas prior to launching new products. For example new car models can be tested for design and look prior to actual manufacturing. Now imagine the millions of dollars an automotive company can save knowing a car design is a winner or a looser. At this level, I am a firm believer that multiple platforms should be considered by businesses when using a social media strategy. In the same time these platforms should connect to each other. In addition, businesses should always engage their followers/customers and make their social media tools attractive with respect to design, color, content, message, and mostly creativity.



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