Social Media Plan

Social Media is a group of free social platforms that connect people and business together such as Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc… Businesses can use these platforms to advertise, promote their services/ goods, connect with their customers, and build their brand. It is very important for businesses to realize that these platforms are tools that can be used as part of their marketing strategy. Therefore, a social media plan has to be developed as part of each business marketing strategy.

For this week’s assignment, I am to plan a social media strategy to grow and expand the reach of a fictional business called “Extreme Promotional Materials”.
Extreme Promotion Material is a company that sells personalized goods for sport teams and businesses. The company deals with small to mid-size businesses and teams from different institutions across south eastern Ontario.


Before I start using the social media for Extreme Promotion Material, I will develop a social media plan which will be part of the company marketing strategy. This plan is like a road map which helps the business to see the starting point and which roads should it use to reach its goals. The social media plan will help the business to choose the appropriate platform(s) that can be useful. It also clarifies the target customers, the business goals. In addition this plan will help “Extreme Promotion Materials” develop the key massage that it wants its customers to acknowledge. Developing a social media plan will assure a successful business strategy. It also helps the business to stay focused on its goal. This social media plan will give a chance to the company to grow its sales through expanding geographically. To achieve the above, I have to develop these steps;

Mission, Vision, Goals
Extreme Promotion Material mission is to be the Ontario leader in providing personalized uniforms and promotional materials for sports teams and businesses. Our Vision is to have satisfied customers and expand our reach of products throughout Ontario within five years. In doing so, we need to achieve these goals;

• Connect with our customers at the personal level, solving their immediate problems, engaging them, and getting their feedback about new products.
• Reach new customers from different geographical areas other than south eastern Ontario.
• Build a strong brand for Extreme Promotion Material known for its quality and On-Time delivery.
• Expand on the offered range of products such personalize goods with season themes (Christmas gifts) or social events (Weddings).

Key Messages
Extreme Promotion Material’s key massage is “On-Time”, “Quality”, and “Service”. The company will guarantee that its product arrive at the customer exactly when the customer needs it. It will also focus on the company devotion to their customers needs. “Branding your name is part of our name, Satisfaction guarantee”

Target Audiences
Extreme Promotion Material will be targeting all kind of ages from high school teenagers to moms, dads, coaches, and leaders of intuitions…etc. The thought process is that the more people are aware of our brand, the more sales will follow. The Target ages that we are pursuing are as follows;

• 16-24: These are mainly for athletes/students that will be wearing or using our personalized product. It is important this age group likes our product and if there are issues get their feedback.
• 25 – 60: These are individual entrepreneurs, school/universities, company/business purchasing agents, and sports team coaches. This is the bulk of our customers, it is very important they recognize our brand, use it, and recommend it to others.
• Families throwing events that may require our personalized products.

Social Media Tools
Extreme Promotion Material will be using Facebook and Pinterest. Facebook is chosen because it is used by more than a billion users. It is very popular across the different age groups that we are targeting and easy to use. On the other hand, Pinterest will be very useful because this platform is mainly about visuals which are what our business needs. Pinterest will be our window shopping station. Pinterest is very effective tool for business. In fact, Pinterest users show more shopping habits than twitter or Facebook and are more likely to make a purchase.

Social Media Engagement Strategy

The following is our social media strategy to achieve our goals with respect to Facebook, the marketing department will;
• Build a Facebook page displaying company logo, photos of our range of products, seasonal themes and events and emphasize our key messages of quality and customer satisfaction. Use of predominantly light colors to reflect the company fun attitude.
• Ensure that our customers are aware of our Facebook page through direct mailing of company fliers and post on our customers Facebook. In addition, make links to our Facebook page in our website.
• Engage our followers and respond to their comments and solve their issues promptly. For unhappy customers, we can send them personalized gifts on top of solving their problems.
• Post in Facebook our promotions and update daily.
• Post cultural events and show product related materials.
• Have a section for sports info such as updates on sports events.
• Have a section showing testimonials of happy customers (with their consent)

For Pinterest, our marketing department plan will be as follows;
• Build a Pinterest page with emphasis on new product.
• Check feedback daily and analyze product winners from losers
• Check product trends and update design/portfolio accordingly
• Engage with users by giving personalized gifts for winners of best logo design for different seasons.
• Make sure to Pin pictures from potential customer accounts, in this way, they increase traffic to your account.

To evaluate our overall strategy, quarterly presentations have to be conducted to measure our planned progress. In these meetings, we will re-evaluate or tweak our approach.

To grow and expand “Extreme Promotion Material” requires a focused social media plan as part of its global Marketing strategy. This plan requires development of two tools namely Facebook and Pinterest. No immediate results will be achieved in the short term as these tools need time, commitment, and continuous analysis of information. However, in the long term, this approach should result in company growth to cover more geographical area with the least amount of resources.


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