Brand Me

For the past two Months, We have been learning about Social Media and its different platforms. Social Media is a tool that has been used by businesses and individual people to communicate products, services, profiles, and ideas. These tools are very powerful, and therefore should be used carefully and responsibly. Everything that we post to the internet can be visible to other people unless we protect it. For example blogs, Facebook, Linkedin profiles, twitter comments, personnel pictures, and videos are visible footprints that can be accessed by the public. Some of the personnel material may be embarrassing or even may cause problems for future dealings with potential job, friends, and family relationship loss.

digital footprint How To Clean Up Your Digital Footprints

In order to avoid these awkward or potentially harming situations, we need to enhance and improve our digital footprint. Among the steps that we can take to achieve this are the following;

1. First, I need to see my footprint in the different social media using Google or other search engines. In this way, I can find out what others can see about me. It is important to note that my footprint is also affected by what others post about me such as friends, colleagues, and family members. I will run this procedure regularly (may be every month). Also, Google alert can be used so that I receive automatic alerts whenever when ever there is an update.

Once this done, I can remove data about myself that I do not approve to be visible to the public using service providers. In the same time, I will ask my friends and family to remove public accessed information about me that I don’t like.

2. Second, I will build a professional profile about myself in different social media such as Linkedin. In this profile, I will list my skills, professional experience, and capabilities that I would like the public to access. Also I will make professional comments on different blogs and YouTube videos, news articles, and especially areas that deal with my profession. I will make sure that my profile is always up-to-date. In this way I can make good impressions on potential job hunters or good reputation.

3. I will make sure that my personnel profile is only visible to my friends and close relatives have access to it. For example I will use security settings to achieve this. In addition, I will make my close friends aware of the dangers of not making similar security settings in the different platforms.

In the professional side, I will make sure that personnel information is not posted. In addition, when commenting, I will use professional language and avoid using funny or bad nicknames in my E-Mail or usernames.

Following the above steps will lead to an improved/enhanced digital footprint. However, I need to make sure that I regularly check my digital footprint as first impressions with potential job recruiters are very important.


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