Old Navy

Old Navy is a clothing retailer company. It is owned by the GAP, Inc. It was named after a café in Paris, France. Originally it was called the Gap Warehouse. Old Navy opened its first stores in Colma, San Leandro and Pittsburg, California. Now, Old Navy has more than 1,000 stores in the United States and Canada.

Old Navy uses social media platforms to reach their customer. Among the different platforms they use is Facebook. The company understands that this platform is world wide used by more than a billion users and very effective tool to sell its product.

Old navy’s Facebook page is organized chronologically with multiple colors. The page uses the blue navy color which is their theme color. They also involve seasonal color. For example we see that there is a lot of use of yellow color which symbolizes the fall season.

Old Navy uses a lot of advertisements for their products which is mainly a display of different clothing in each new post. The company is targeting the whole family from kids to old people. It engages its customers/readers through seasonal themes and community events. For example, because it is now thanksgiving and Halloween is only weeks away, Old Navy is suggesting ways to carve pumpkins and partnering with Michaels for community events. These initiatives make the company to be perceived as part of the community and therefore gain more customers.

The company also uses posts such as “Do something nice day”, “National good neighbor day”, and “world gratitude day” to show that they are an ethical caring company that likes to share good values with their customers.

When reading its posts, you do not feel that the company tries to push its products. You feel that it only care about the community and raises events. Nevertheless, its posts are full of visuals of their products. For example, in a kid’s safety event, the company shows a photo of firefighters and police with kids wearing old Navy clothes.

For fans following Old Navy’s Facebook page, they can expect information about sales, good deals, and new products offered. They can also have information about the company events and reminded of daily good values.


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