Sobeys is the second largest Canadian food retailer that sells high end and fresh food products. It is a family own company. Sobeys was founded in 1907 by John W. Sobey and his son Frank H. Sobey. It operates stores in all ten provinces. Sobeys headquarter is locates in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. Lately Sobeys is trying to reach its customers and expand their market and compete with the other big retailers in Canada which are Lablaws and Metro. So Sobeys decided to use social media as a tool for that. Sobeys establish blog (word press), Face book, and Twitter.

Sobeys twitter page is organized and practical. On the left side it shows headings and on the right it has the actual tweets. The green background color gives us a feeling that the company is using natural fresh ingredients and is environmentally friendly. Their tweets are up to date and frequent. The tweets from the company seem professional and compassionate about the issues the customers present.

Sobeys found that twitter is a great tool to advertise their promotions and interact with their customers. It tries to let customer know about deals such as different promotions and also shows that it cares about the community. For example it advertises how it helps food banks in different communities and encourages its customers to do so.

Through its twitter, Sobeys also directs their customer inquiries to different departments within their company and hence solves their problems. I think this is prefect method to satisfy their customers and improve their services. In other tweets they even interact with their own employees and suggest ways to resolve their issues.

In general, Sobeys interacts well with their customers through twitter and uses this tool very efficiently for promoting their product and services. Compared to their competition, I think they are miles ahead.


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