Future Shop


Future Shop

Future Shop is a consumer electronic retailer company that has 146 stores all around Canada. It is the largest in its category in Canada. It also offers online purchasing through its website futureshop.ca. It is now owned by an American company known as Best buy. Future Shop uses social media to reach into their customers such as Facebook, Twitter, Tech forums, YouTube, and Tech Blogs.

Their blogs always present the newest high tech gadgets, games, or necessary electronics. They usually advertise features of their products and how they make our lives more comfortable and entertained. For example, in its latest blog titled “De-stressing with Tech: 5 Minutes at a Time“, the blogger is presenting 5 different products but explaining why we should use them and making them very attractive through the use of visual media and charts. The way I see it, Future shop uses blogs mainly for advertising their newest products and how to use them.

One of the weaknesses of their blogs is the lack of interaction with the reader. For example, I did not see any reward offerings trough contests or organizing educational events or anything that benefits the reader. Also, the layout of the blog page is very simple and could be more appealing.

Over all, I really liked the content and how Future Shop used the blog to push their products to the consumer. But I think they have more room for improvement especially in engaging the reader.


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