Social media

Dounia Elalami
Business administration
Social media
Assignment # 2
Date: 14 September, 2012

Social Media

In the past century, human life is greatly and still affected by changing technology and inventions. One of the technologies that are revolutionizing our life is social media.
Social media became the future of communication. It became the way we communicate with each other through internet by sharing photos, audio, video and news either personnel or other. Today, internet is helping us to be closer to each other instantly. It also helps us build networks, which will lead us to good opportunities.
On the other hand, there are disadvantages of relying only on social media in our lives. For example, we can easily lose our personal touch with people by not watching their behavior or the lack of face to face communication. In addition, we may become addicted to some of the social media web-sites like Facebook.
Personally, I use Facebook every day to keep contact with my family and get informed about what is happening with them. This is very convenient for me especially that they live in Morocco and Toronto.
In addition, mass media tools are being used extensively in business dealings and job recruitment such as My space, Facebook, and Linkedin. They are also used for advertising and reaching to customer needs.
In conclusion social media is serving the society in good ways. It is making our lives easier. Personally, I am intending to learn how to use the social media as a tool that will help me to reach my goals.


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